DOT & Tollway

With a rich, award-winning history of serving departments of transportation, Hanson's résumé varies from modern highways and interchanges to major river bridges and program development.

Hanson provided a PD&E study and
final design services for the Florida Department
of Transportation's Palmetto Expressway/
Okeechobee Road interchange project in
Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Being involved in projects from concept to construction helps our staff understand and anticipate the services that may go hand-in-hand with your project and make it successful, starting with environmental documentation and public involvement through development of plans and construction engineering services.

When you choose Hanson, you’ll have an experienced team of planners, engineers, scientists and technicians focusing on your needs and helping you map out a successful route for your project. Our background in both public- and private-sector projects enhances our ability to deliver efficient and safe solutions to you and the traveling public. We also offer a wide variety of roadway and bridge services for local government entities.

Hanson's roadway blog, Designed to Move, features articles by Hanson's experienced team of transportation, engineering and infrastructure professionals. Visit often for posts about projects, clients, employees and industry trends and updates.

links to jeff bowen's biography page
Jeff Bowen, P.E.
Senior vice president and
Florida infrastructure lead
(904) 423-5353
links to howard gotschall's biography page
Howard Gotschall, P.E., S.E.
Bridges discipline manager
and assistant vice president
St. Louis
(314) 942-5285
links to cindy loos' biography page
Cindy Loos, P.E.
Vice president and
senior project manager
Peoria, Illinois
(309) 713-1402, ext. 2102
links to willie rivera's biography page
Willie Rivera, P.E.
Vice president and
senior project manager
Corpus Christi, Texas
(361) 414-6463, ext. 1225
links to jim trachtman's biography page
Jim Trachtman
Vice president
and Indiana business
development lead
(317) 803-8962
photo of aaron weatherholt
Aaron Weatherholt, P.E.
Senior project manager
Springfield, Illinois
(217) 747-9251