FDOT SR 115/Southside Boulevard at Deerwood Boulevard intersection improvements

Project Summary

Residential and commercial growth in the Southside area of Jacksonville, Florida, the last several years has caused problematic congestion at the intersection of State Road 115/Southside Boulevard with Deerwood Park Boulevard/A.C. Skinner Parkway. The traffic backups are expected to worsen in the next 10 to 20 years. To provide future traffic flow and safety improvements, Hanson is working with the Florida Department of Transportation to design several major changes to the intersection.

The average daily traffic (ADT) count on SR 115/Southside south of Deerwood Park was 59,400 in 2018 and is projected to increase to 62,600 ADT by 2025. North of Deerwood Park, an average of 56,700 vehicles travel on SR 115/Southside daily, with an increase to 59,800 ADT projected by 2025. Moderate traffic increases are also projected on Deerwood Park (south of Southside) and A.C. Skinner (north of Southside) during that time frame.

Proposed intersection and roadway improvements include:

  • Construction of a displaced left-turn lane from southbound Southside to Deerwood Park
  • Adding a left-turn lane from Deerwood Park to southbound Southside
  • Adding a right-turn lane from northbound Southside to Deerwood Park
  • Adding a left-turn lane from northbound Southside to A.C. Skinner
  • Adding a right-turn lane from Deerwood Park to northbound Southside
  • Drainage, lighting, signals and signing and pavement marking modifications
  • Median access modifications

Without improvements, the intersection is expected to operate at a Level of Service (LOS) Grade F during morning and evening peak hours. With the proposed improvements, the intersection is projected to operate at LOS Grade B through at least 2045.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 and be completed by 2025 with an estimated cost of $7 million.