IDOT South Suburban Airport land acquisition services

Project Summary

The Illinois Department of Transportation selected Hanson to provide land acquisition, relocation assistance and property management services for a proposed 20,000-acre airport. The initial phase — called the Inaugural Airport Program — currently comprises 149 parcels and more than 5,800 acres. Suitable residential properties and agricultural lands are managed, maintained and leased.

Hanson provides the following services: title commitments; independent appraisals; review appraisals; transaction documentation; preliminary environmental site assessments; site security; construction observation (for demolition) and surveying; a Geographic Information System (GIS)-linked database; an extensive public-involvement program; and an “Exhibit A” property line map that shows the land parcels within the footprint as well as the history of parcel ownership and acquisition.

For unsuccessful property negotiations, Hanson prepares documentation and provides expert testimony to support our client in eminent-domain proceedings.

All acquisition and property management documents such as titles, appraisals, offer letters, contracts, negotiator reports, and closing documents and surveying data are entered into a GIS-linked database. The database tracks acquisition of all property and maintains data on plat maps, providing in-depth information and analysis. The database, accessible via the Internet, is a tool for managing land acquisition projects for our client.