Hanson’s Geospatial Services group provides multidisciplinary spatial data for federal, state and local government; railroad; aviation; and industrial clients. We offer services in geographic information systems (GIS) data acquisition and conversion, surveying, spatial analysis, asset management, database development and imagery acquisition. Our group uses the latest technology to collect data and the associated attributes, including unmanned aerial system (UAS, or drones) geospatial imaging, LIDAR and GPS, to provide high-quality results on a fast-track schedule.

What can we do for you?

  • collect existing site conditions for topographic and route surveys, inventory features and associated asset data and convert them to digital mapping and/or databases
  • determine property boundaries, easement locations, roadway right-of-ways, etc., and provide surveys per the American Land Title Association (ALTA) specifications

Which methods do we use?

  • conventional optical instruments such as robotic total stations
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to determine positions from satellite networks
  • terrestrial and mobile LIDAR
  • UAS imagery to provide contour mapping, digital orthos and topographic features

Areas in which we specialize:

  • asset inventory and management
  • geospatial imaging
  • topographic and route surveys
  • boundary and ALTA surveys
  • dam deformation surveys
  • haul route monitoring
  • electrical transmission route surveys and construction support
  • Federal Aviation Administration obstruction and approach surveys
  • UAS imagery and modeling

a photo of matthew schrader

Matthew Schrader, PLS

Geospatial technical leader
(314) 942-5283, ext. 9104