Decision Optimization Technology

Planning is a big part of success. At Hanson, we understand that preparing for the future involves innovation and cutting-edge technology, and this is why we have formed a partnership with Ontario, Canada-based Infrastructure Solutions (Software) Inc. (ISI). The partnership, named Decision Optimization Technology-United States, will distribute and continually improve ISI’s Decision Optimization Technology (DOTTM) with the goal of proactively helping clients visualize and pursue better capital improvement plans for their businesses, projects and communities. 

The DOT software intuitively manages the complexity of creating strategic asset management plans. It can simultaneously incorporate variables to help you develop plans that are defensible and fully implementable. Under this U.S.-based partnership, ISI provides DOT™ application development and integration, training and customer support, while Hanson works directly with you to meet your capital planning needs and conducts on-site consulting to expedite success.

With this partnership, we offer a data-driven approach to help you make the best possible financial and socio-economic decisions for the maintenance, management and improvement of your roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems and facilities. 

If you’re ready to lay the groundwork for a promising future, make us your trusted partner.

Visit to learn more about DOT™ and request a demo.

image of DOT software dashboards

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