Sustainability and Resiliency

At Hanson, we’re proud to provide sustainable design and commissioning services for a multitude of projects and rating systems. While not all sustainable projects pursue a rating system certification, Hanson infuses that knowledge into its projects as applicable. We evaluate systems and facilities with the goal of achieving net zero energy, also known as a reduction in carbon footprint or green house gas emissions, for our clients.

We also evaluate and recommend resiliency practices for our clients and their buildings. We have evaluated redundancy and the ability for buildings to be operational in hurricane-prone areas and after other major natural disasters.

Our sustainable and resiliency services include:

  • experience with LEED®, Green Globes, GBCI and WELL rating systems
  • mechanical, electrical and plumbing control systems optimization
  • water efficiency
  • energy efficiency
  • carbon footprint
  • indoor environmental quality
  • emergency preparedness
  • systems redundancy
  • fault analysis to identify failure points for system resiliency