Water Resources

Through our water resources work, we help our clients find and manage water supplies, act as good stewards of our waterways and protect our natural environment. Hanson’s water resources engineers have worked with a variety of clients, including federal, state and local governments and private entities.  

Our water resources engineers provide hands-on support for all markets, delivering services including:

  • Dams: 1D/2D breach analysis, Operations and Maintenance plans and Emergency Action Plans
  • Bridges: 1D/2D hydraulic modeling using state-of-the-art modeling tools and methods, such as the 2D model below, which shows 2D informed hydraulic modeling of Norfolk Southern Bridge 89.6 near Atlanta, Georgia
  • Watersheds: hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stormwater management, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and (NPDES) compliance 
  • Water supply: alternatives analyses, water storage and distribution, planning and permitting and water quality evaluation 
  • Rivers: dredging designs, river engineering and flood studies, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) studies, LOMA/LOMR submittals, stormwater and floodplain management ordinance consultation, navigation improvements, stream bank stabilization and erosion control, stream gaging and instrumentation and sedimentation studies 
  • Corresponding civil engineering services, such as transportation, structural, geotechnical, municipal and site development
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • LEED

Tony Comerio,

Chief water resources engineer
(217) 788-2450