Asset Management Data Collection

Hanson offers a wide variety of asset management services — everything from assisting you with inventory program development to providing data collection. We employ an experienced team of surveyors and geographic information systems (GIS) specialists to address your ever-changing asset management needs.

We have the solutions you need

Our licensed surveyors use current surveying technology, such as robotic total stations, laser scanning and Virtual Reference Station (VRS)-enabled global positioning technologies to conduct traditional data collection. These resources allow us to communicate in real time between the field and office, processing information efficiently and effectively.

We also offer geospatial imaging services using a vehicle-mounted Mobile Data Capture Digital Imaging System. The system is capable of transmitting information in real time to an onboard workspace equipped with computers and servers capturing object dimensions, position, digital imagery, latitude and longitude with survey-grade accuracy while traveling at highway speeds.

We provide program management services for capital improvement programs (CIPs), assisting you in defining your project’s goals, prioritizing workflow and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Serving as your program manager, we can use our experience, leadership and management skills to help you coordinate your CIP.

A GIS system will allow you to store and maintain engineering drawings, maps and other necessary data in one comprehensive data source. From aerial photography, utility locations and zoning maps to survey data, facility dimensions and floodplain delineations, data can range greatly from project to project. Our team can design a system to help you organize existing information or provide you with a framework for gathering and storing information in the future.

Other services we offer:

  • transportation (all modes): design studies and planning; pavement history and road surface inventory; lighting, striping and sign inventory; airport obstruction and approach surveys; security planning and evaluation; 911 addressing; property assessment; and ADA compliance.
  • utilities and energy transmission and distribution: asset inventory and data collection, map preparation, route planning and right-of-way corridor evaluation.
  • survey and mapping: pavement and rail profiles, project-area photo logs, quality-control plan review, supplement topographic surveys and GIS data management.
  • automated processing examples: sign detection, pole detection, lane-marking detection, edge detection, CL detection and road geometry measurements.