City of Fort Stockton (Texas) 30-inch water transmission main

Project Summary

The city of Fort Stockton, Texas, chose Hanson to provide professional engineering services for a 30-inch water transmission line project. The project included the replacement of a severely corroded, 20-inch concrete steel cylinder water line with approximately 8.5 miles of 30-inch water line from the Belding Pump Station to the city’s reverse osmosis water treatment plant.

Hanson’s scope of services included Texas Commission on Environmental Quality permit acquisition; project design; the preparation of engineering construction plans, contract documents, bidding advertisements and construction cost opinions; and periodic construction observation.

The project’s tasks encompassed the installation of the new water line pipe and connection to the water lines at the pump station and at the water treatment plant, including valves, fittings, concrete pipe support pedestals and thrust and anchor blocks; the installation of water transmission line appurtenances; the exploratory excavation of pipe at the pump station and water treatment plant; the clearing and stripping of the work corridors; Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan implementation; temporary traffic control; and mobilization.