Energy and Carbon Audits

As energy costs continue to rise and the need to monitor your carbon footprint increases, Hanson’s team has the experience needed to identify opportunities to make your existing buildings more efficient through audits.

Our team of professional engineers, energy management professionals and certified energy managers can perform evaluations from benchmarking to investment-grade evaluations. Using the process outlined by ASHARE Standard 211, we go through the proven process to complete the audit and provide potential facility improvement measures (FIMs) that range from no/low cost to planned capital expenditure projects. Our team works with the facility staff to better understand your current operations, ongoing issues with systems and comfort and potential improvements that would reduce maintenance and improve comfort. We use an energy model to identify the energy use by system, which highlights the systems that are using more energy, and to back check the proposed savings of FIMs.

Hanson's commissioning and energy group draws on our existing building commissioning skills and processes to identify additional FIMs in the audits at a level more granular than equipment replacements.

Hanson’s energy auditing services include:

  • benchmarking of utilities
  • energy, carbon and water utility analysis
  • ASHARE BEQ process
  • ASHRAE Level I, II and III audits
  • Energy Star rating evaluation
  • sustainability and resiliency
  • energy modeling
  • facility improvement measure development
  • controls sequences optimization strategies
  • energy savings, carbon reductions and cost benefit analysis
  • renewable energy systems evaluation