Miami-Dade College building readiness preparation and plan

Project Summary

Miami-Dade College is enlisting Hanson’s assistance with preparing its facilities for reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic and identifying possible future-proofing methods.

Hanson is providing a phased building readiness plan, retro-commissioning and engineering services for of the college’s facilities. As part of this project, Hanson is developing an initial building readiness plan for selected campus buildings, formulating an HVAC Epidemic Operations Guide and updating standards for classroom office buildings, including the three-story, 199,134-square-foot Paul R. Scott Hall; the four-story, 122,023-square-foot MBFF Global School of Business; the seven-story, 232,452-square-foot Wolfson Building; and the three-story, 150,908-square-foot West-Central Building.

As part of the initial building readiness plan, Hanson is evaluating the buildings’ systems to determine potential failure points and possible improvements to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Factors Hanson is considering include space filtration, air delivery, outside air intake, re-entrainment potential, internal comfort conditions, air-cleaning strategies and use of mitigation methods unrelated to the buildings’ heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Hanson is also performing retro-commissioning for the systems in each facility.