Seminole County (Florida) Public Schools safe reopening building assessments

Project Summary

Hanson is providing building reopening assessments for Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) facilities to assist with mitigating potential problems as the schools resume occupancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The work comes as Hanson has been conducting facility condition assessments of the mechanical equipment at more than 50 SCPS buildings.

The project includes assessing and identifying solutions and potential solutions that can be implemented immediately, potential solutions that can be implemented throughout the semester and solutions that should be implemented long term. Hanson is considering the types of systems, budgets and scheduling for each facility.

Per the facility condition assessments that Hanson recently prepared for SCPS, about half of the facilities’ mechanical equipment is due for replacement because of condition or age. Hanson’s focus encompasses mitigation strategies, which include test and balance/retro-commissioning; systems upgrades, including variable frequency drives, operational assessments (OA), OA/ventilation and indoor air-quality upgrades; ultraviolet (UV) lighting upgrades, including installing UV lighting where possible to obtain cost-effective results; determining if HVAC units for portable classrooms can be manufactured with factory-installed UV lights; and UV light installation in lower-priority areas.