City of Kokomo (Indiana) pavement and wastewater asset management

Project Summary

Hanson, as part of Decision Optimization Technology-United States (DOT-US), its partnership with the Ontario-Canada-based Infrastructure Solutions Software Inc., helped the city of Kokomo, Indiana, prepare and implement a preventative maintenance strategy for its roadways and infrastructure through use of DOT™ asset management software.

The flexibility of the DOT™ roadway module allows Kokomo to prioritize improvements based on fluctuating annual funding. The ability to add specific scheduled construction projects and other mandatory improvements makes the capital plan accurate and defensible.

Kokomo’s implementation of the DOT™ wastewater module is in development and expected to be used to develop an asset management plan required under a state loan agreement. The project will also allow the city to develop a comprehensive wastewater asset evaluation program.

Kokomo benefits from the ability to directly import condition and inventory data into DOT™. The software can export capital plan outputs into a GIS application for execution and directly import them into contract documents.

The DOT-US team performed the software set-up, which included gathering all necessary data from the city’s GIS system and reconciling and uploading it into the software. Engineering models, treatment methods and socio-economic priorities were customized to reflect the unique requirements of the city, and the team provided training sessions that included the setup of base-case scenarios.

The project team is also providing ongoing customer support, post-setup training, hosting, data storage, data backup, upgrades and all technology enhancements as part of the subscription.