Technology and Innovation

Drone services 

Using unmanned aerial systems (UAS, also known as drones) is one way Hanson stays at the forefront of technology when serving our power clients on a variety of projects. Drones provide the ability to efficiently monitor structures, including plants and other facilities, from the air while operators safely remain on the ground, using a live video feed to conduct observations. Learn how your project can benefit from drones.

Automated foundation design 

Hanson has developed a foundation design process that uses database and design software interaction to create maximum efficiency and reduce the chances of human error. This database-driven system allows the necessary design data to be imported, organized, sorted and combined into a standardized format for each foundation.

The software minimizes the designer’s data entry, resulting in heavily automated design software data files, cost comparisons and construction document production. The process is managed by licensed professional and structural engineers who sign and seal the construction documents in accordance with state regulatory requirements.

This methodology allows the design engineers to concentrate on optimizing each foundation design instead of spending excessive time on repetitive data entry and bookkeeping tasks. Quality control improves, because key-punch errors are reduced and repetitive hand calculations eliminated. Once design is complete, the finished designs are checked and the results are exported back into the database.

The database then completes queries for plan set information and quantity calculations in seconds. All the data collected can be analyzed to show discrepancies or trends to further improve the design process. Record data is automatically entered into the database from digital quality assurance forms completed in the field as each foundation’s construction is finished. The database system is then used to track concrete compressive strength test results so record drawings can be generated.

In the past three years, Hanson has designed more than 2,000 structure foundations using this methodology. Foundation types have included standard drilled piers, vibratory pile driving and tieback-augmented drilled piers.

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