Unmanned Aerial Systems

Hanson stays on the cutting edge of technology, embracing innovation that helps us more efficiently meet project data collection needs. Using an unmanned aerial system (UAS) — also known as a drone — is a faster, safer way to obtain important project data.

A UAS provides accurate mapping images for a variety of uses, including gathering existing information and finding changes at a project site. Unlike traditional aerial imagery methods, a UAS can capture high-resolution photos and topographic data quickly, conveniently and affordably.

Through the use of on-board cameras and sensors, a UAS provides the capability to safely and efficiently conduct structural inspections for dams, bridges and more. Operators safely inspect structures from the ground by monitoring live video feed from the UAS, alleviating the need to place personnel in potentially hazardous locations.

Using UAS technology, Hanson can collect data about obstructions — such as trees and other vegetation — for vegetation management projects. The flexibility and lower cost of a UAS, compared to traditional manned aircraft, makes it easier for Hanson to help clients manage utility easements.

Hanson received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to commercially operate a UAS in November 2015 and offers drone services across the U.S. for expedited project access.