Energy Roadmaps

An energy roadmap from Hanson assists organizations of all sizes with identifying, prioritizing and building an overall energy strategy, as well as meeting energy and savings goals.

Consisting of a customizable process based on an organization’s progress, the energy roadmap can forecast future energy needs, assess current consumption, establish energy reduction goals, identify energy efficiency measures and recommend persistence strategies for sustained energy savings. The roadmap can be a standalone document that is updated regularly, or it can be integrated with the organization’s overall sustainability master plan.

The identification of facility improvement measures (FIMs) to save on energy and maintenance costs can come from various sources, such as existing energy audits or retro-commissioning reports. In some instances, Hanson will perform the energy audit with retro-commissioning evaluations to identify the FIMs to be considered for the roadmap. Once the FIMs are identified, they can be weighted, ranked and grouped based on client-provided key performance indicators for capital and operational spending. This can also include metrics such as first cost, simple payback and reduction in energy utilization index. When complete, the energy roadmap provides the owner with a customized business plan that can be implemented immediately and used for future budgeting.

The energy roadmap needs to be a living document that is analyzed and updated on an annual basis so it continues to reflect the desired solution and factor in an owner's changing key performance indicators. Because it is typically a five-year plan, an energy roadmap can be updated to include upcoming years.