AdventHealth energy roadmap, Phase 1, Orlando, Florida

Project Summary

AdventHealth contracted with Hanson to provide support services for prioritizing energy projects at the Celebration Health (882,078 square feet), Altamonte (653,085 square feet), Winter Park Memorial (433,235 square feet) and East Orlando (478,053 square feet) campuses and to initiate the development of a comprehensive energy management plan, also referred to as an energy roadmap.

The Energy Roadmap Phase 1 project consisted of reviewing and prioritizing the energy conservation measures (ECMs) generated from five energy audits previously performed across the four campuses by third-party consultants. Hanson analyzed the ECMs and assigned a priority ranking based on a “rack and stack” method, taking into account:

  • reduction in site energy use intensity (EUI)
  • largest potential savings
  • lowest implementation costs
  • shortest payback period
  • logical progression of project phasing

Hanson then broke down the prioritized list into funding cycles and performed a fiscal analysis showing the payback duration of each implementation cycle, the total energy cost savings projections, capital spending funded from recovered energy savings and revenue offset generated from the ECM projects over a seven-year period

Phase II consisted of developing a prioritization sequence of energy efficiency measures identified in energy audits of four healthcare campuses, as well as anticipated quarterly implementation project cost estimates and associated energy cost savings through 2020. The roadmap also prioritized the sequence of additional energy audits at 19 campuses through 2020 by performing a baseline preliminary energy assessment across the portfolio of healthcare campuses. A renewable energy assessment was performed for 19 campuses to identify the solar PV array opportunities, potential project cost estimates, incentive programs and return on investment scenarios. Guidelines and procedures for the implementation of internal revolving energy funds were included, as well as recommended best practices for implementation of the roadmap.