Dominion Virginia Power Indy Solar I, II and III photovoltaic system construction

Project Summary

Hanson provided construction oversight and observation for a photovoltaic (PV) power generation project that spanned three sites in the Indianapolis area (Indy Solar I, II, III).

Hanson observers reviewed site concerns daily with the site superintendent; discussed construction operations and observed all phases of solar power plant assembly, including subsurface pile driving, torque tube and PV panel installations, AC and DC wiring above and below ground, power conversion station installation, AC terminal connections, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems installation, switchgear installation and testing, quality control procedures and site-wide testing, including lockout/tagout procedures; reviewed field compaction reports; met with local code enforcement officers; worked with the local utility company on site interconnect issues; and provided the client feedback on the status of the project.

Hanson also monitored site construction practices for compliance with design specifications and plans; compiled project status updates that included reporting on construction progress, safety/environmental issues, change orders and site issues; met with the site design firm on-site to review construction compliance, reviewed closeout documentation and documented lessons learned; and developed a tracking system to follow and report on critical construction items to minimize delays.

Additionally, Hanson provided commissioning services for the project, witnessing the startup of each of the inverters and verifying power generation quantities, overseeing the installation of heavy power equipment (including switchgear, fuses and viper disconnects) and witnessing the connection to the power grid. SCADA system involvement included overseeing the system's remote operations and specifications. Hanson reviewed the overall fit and finish of the entire construction project.