Generation (Renewables)

Our clients include power-generation companies, developers, utilities, manufacturers, businesses and industries that provide power to their customers worldwide. We understand the complicated, diverse needs of renewable energy projects and the federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances affecting them. Hanson has the experience and relationships to help you execute your project — working with you, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders to attain the approvals your energy project needs to be successful.

With offices across the U.S., we can draw on resources from around the country to assist you in the oftentimes cross-country nature of transferring renewables from generation to customer. We can design contractor-friendly plans containing quantities and procedures that help minimize site-development costs and keep development budgets under control.

Let Hanson’s interdisciplinary experience help you accomplish your solar and wind-energy project goals. From coordination with agencies and stakeholders to land acquisition, permitting and engineering design; to quality assurance; to aerial detection lighting systems and bird mortality studies, Hanson offers services from startup to construction and operation.

Matt Heyen, P.E.

Assistant vice president
and project manager
(217) 788-2450, ext. 8260