Design and engineering

Some companies know engineering, logistics or operations. We know them all.

From initial shipment volume scoping to construction documents, we partner with you to move your project from start to finish.  

Our specialists can assist with project scoping, choosing project delivery methods, assessing feasibility, designing, permitting, constructing and commissioning. We help you achieve your project objectives while staying within your financial parameters, which entails blending the right amount of engineering with a deep understanding of the processes and operations necessary to develop unique and viable solutions that meet your goals.  

We can also assess your transport fleet and the internal logistics of your operation. Our team is ready to help you evaluate your serving carrier (truck or rail), facility rail and road infrastructure, loading racks, warehouse doors and material handling processes. You can feel confident in our ability to develop buffer capacity that prevents production bottlenecks.

We translate assessments into solutions, designs and phases that provide incremental benefits within financial objectives and timelines. Below is an example of improvements we identified for a large industrial complex’s entire rail infrastructure. With this strategy, we can carve your project into phases to meet your facility’s business needs.