Valkaria (Florida) Airport improvements

Project Summary

Valkaria Airport, a public airport near Grant-Valkaria in Brevard County, Florida, has completed numerous improvements at its facility. Hanson, as the county’s airport planning and engineering general consultant, has assisted the airport during the following projects:

Taxiway A design and construction: Hanson designed a new, 25-foot-wide Taxiway A for one of its runways. Neither of the airport’s runways had parallel taxiways, which caused most departing and landing aircraft to back-taxi on the runway or on the shoulder. Hanson also assisted in the grant application and project justifications for the work.

Taxiway A environmental assessment: Hanson prepared an environmental assessment to allow for the construction of the new taxiway. Major components included agency coordination and public review of aviation activity forecasts and evaluation of project alternatives, affected environment and environmental consequences.

Taxiway B and apron rehabilitation: Hanson also assisted with design for the reconstruction of the apron pavement and a 25-foot section of the airport’s Taxiway B. The old pavement from the apron and taxiway was recycled into a stabilized subgrade that was used for the project. Construction observation and testing by Hanson allowed real-time modifications as needed.

Runway 10/28 reconstruction: Hanson assisted the airport in reconstructing its runway, which included pavement design, construction-phase services and lighting and NAVAID upgrades and recycling existing materials.

The improvement projects also included construction of two 16,000-square-foot T-hangars, stormwater management and helicopter and turbine aircraft hardstands.