UCF Computer Science Building controls retrofit

Project Summary

Hanson provided professional engineering services for the assessment, design and construction phases of the University of Central Florida’s Computer Science Building (Building 54) controls retrofit project.

For the assessment phase, Hanson conducted an ASHRAE Level II energy audit by reviewing historical utility data, conducting a facility site survey, performing a space function analysis, identifying facility improvement measures, reviewing current operations and maintenance procedures and tactically retro-commissioning the functionality and capabilities of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems via the building automation system (BAS). The BAS infrastructure was also evaluated for upgrade and replacement options.  

The design phase encompassed replacing three of the facility’s air-handling units (AHUs) and all of the existing fan-powered variable air volume (VAV) terminal boxes and associated electric duct heaters with new non-fan VAV terminal boxes with electric heat; replacing the BAS gateway, communication wire and field controllers; replacing field devices, sensors and actuators; replacing outside air dampers serving the new AHUs; and adding the stand-alone fan coil units to the BAS.

Optimization strategies for the new sequences of operations included backup chiller staging and a supply air temperature and static pressure reset. The scope also included upgrading the building chilled water pump layout to the current UCF standard by adding bypass piping and required valves.

This project was critical for hardening UCF’s main data center HVAC systems; the new fan array AHUs great improve system resiliency.