UCF CREOL third-floor addition and lab expansion Cx

Project Summary

Hanson completed commissioning services for the third-floor addition and expansion of the College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL) building, which includes seven new research lab spaces. This expansion increases UCF’s space for lab buildouts and allows the university to pursue additional research grants.

The project included most of the third floor of the CREOL Annex building and involved adding two wet labs and five bio-photonic labs with fume hoods along the south side of the third floor. The chilled water was extended to the expansion from the existing building services.

The design required a negative space pressure relationship from the labs to the corridor, but the design team found that the initial airflow offset wasn’t substantial enough to achieve the desired result. To correct this, Hanson worked with the lab controls company, the designer and the test and balance contractor to adjust the airflow settings.

The commissioned systems included one dedicated outdoor air system unit, two strobic-type exhaust fans, 25 laboratory air valves, seven fume hoods, a heating, ventilating and air conditioning control system for the area, a deionized water system and lighting controls.