Suffolk Construction Co.’s South Florida headquarters design

Project Summary

Suffolk Construction Co. selected Hanson to provide architectural and engineering design services for its existing two-story office building as part of a design-build project.  The renovated 45,000-square-foot building serves as the company’s new South Florida headquarters.

To accommodate company office space, Hanson completely renovated approximately 25,000 square feet.  Renovation included mechanical and electrical upgrades; design and layout of partitioning, ceilings and finishes; and interior decorating and color selections necessary to complete the area. 

The remaining 20,000 square feet was partially renovated for a future tenant to finish.  Partial renovations included mechanical and electrical upgrades; lighting and life safety elements required to exhibit and show the unfinished space; and design and layout of basic “white box” finishes.

Services included spatial programming and the preparing of the construction documents for the interior design; replacement of the building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure; and structural strengthening to resist hurricane-force winds.  This building received LEED® Silver certification.