Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Cx

Project Summary

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) is a growing university in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The university’s student body is increasing every year, with approximately 13,940 currently enrolled. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville offers 43 baccalaureate degrees and 41 master’s degrees in the areas of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering and Nursing.  In addition, the university offers professional degrees in dental medicine and pharmacy.

Hanson provided commissioning services for an $82 million new construction and renovation project on the SIUE campus. This project included an approximately 146,000-square-foot new science laboratory facility and approximately 57,000-square-foot renovation of general classroom, faculty and support space. The renovated space achieved a LEED Silver certification.

The new and renovated facilities will house classrooms, instructional laboratories, research laboratories and faculty offices for the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, the Office of Science and Mathematics Education and the Environmental Sciences Program. 

In addition to instructional and research areas for such disciplines as physics, astronomy, biochemistry, biology and environmental sciences, the building will also include specialized laboratories for areas of study including anatomy, botany, genetics and molecular studies and organic chemistry; and equipment  with adjacent cold rooms, warm rooms and environmental growth chambers.  Other components of the facility include specialized exhaust systems, a machine shop, animal care facilities, scanning electron microscope facilities and much more. 

The commissioning services will include development of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the Commissioning Plan (Cx Plan), construction observation (equipment installation and start-up), functional performance testing of HVAC systems, oversight review of operation and maintenance (O&M) training and documentation, and 10-month warranty review.