Seminole State College of Florida M&V audit

Project Summary

Hanson reviewed the measurement and verification (M&V) reconciliation report for Seminole State College of Florida (SSC), which had entered into an energy performance-based contract in accordance with the Florida State Department of Education and Florida statutes with an energy performance contractor (ESCO).

Hanson's tasks included reviewing the original request for proposal from SSC; reviewing the investment grade audit, including baseline documentation, analyses and calculation methodology for savings projection; reviewing the original performance agreement; reviewing M&V reconciliation reports for the four years of the contract; verifying the veracity M&V reconciliation reports based on assumptions stated in the report by the ESCO and documenting concerns regarding items that did not appear to be substantiated by the assumptions.

Hanson met with SSC to discuss the findings and document concerns regarding execution of the agreement. Hanson also met with the ESCO to discuss the owner's concerns and findings in the report.