Naples (Florida) Municipal Airport Taxiway A extension

Project Summary

The Naples Municipal Airport in Naples, Florida, wanted to enhance safety and operations at the airport by constructing an extension to its Taxiway A. Hanson and its team provided grant assistance, design, permitting, bidding, construction observation and closeout services to make it happen.

The extension of Taxiway A to the Runway 23 threshold eliminates the need for planes to cross an active runway to take off. In addition, aircraft are able to reach higher altitudes sooner, which helps reduce noise. The extension was completed ahead of schedule.

"We could not expect any better service than that provided." — Kerry Keith, Naples Airport Authority

The extension is part of a pilot program to address what could become a national standard in airport water management. Water management ponds were studied, redesigned and monitored with the goal of finding solutions to runoff and stormwater collection, water filtration and impurities removal. The new design for water management ponds included vertical gabions — wire baskets filled with recycled concrete to reduce the potential of attracting wildlife. The gabions changed circulation to promote the separation of pollutants from the water.

Funding for this project was provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, Florida Department of Transportation and the Naples Municipal Airport.