Muscatatuck Urban Training Center geotechnical and survey services

Project Summary

The Indiana Army National Guard’s 1,000-acre Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) supports the wartime mission and combat readiness goals of military units as well as civilian homeland security and natural disaster response training needs.

The Guard received ownership of the nearly 90-year-old facility from the state of Indiana in 2003, and, at the time, the Guard needed to collect up-to-date records for the facility, from building maintenance and utility assessments to tunnel evaluations and field surveys.  

A particular concern at the facility was the weight limits at various areas, especially when using heavy military vehicles on roads, on top of underground tunnels, or on unpaved areas. The Guard also needed records for current utility locations and the condition of existing utilities simply to operate the facility safely and effectively. 

Serving as a consultant to Atkins, Hanson helped address some of these issues by evaluating the soils, approximately 7,200 linear feet of tunnels, and pavement surfaces; verifying the locations of utilities – including sewer, water, steam, electrical and communication systems – and assessing their condition; and providing mapping for the Guard’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  Atkins then used this information to develop the GIS for the facility – a system to store and maintain items such as survey data, facility dimensions, utility maps and other information in one dynamic data source. 

Methods used to gather data include Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS surveys, Mobile GIS, inductive tracing, electromagnetic (TDEM) geophysical survey and ground penetrating radar (GPR).