Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Watershed Mapping

Project Summary

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District selected Hanson to provide surveying and mapping verification for the Black Creek Watershed.

The required surveying services included collecting and reporting the location and elevation on approximately 8,000 storm and sanitary sewer structures and associated sewer lines. The district also needed this information reported in a manner that was compatible with its Geographic Information System (GIS).

Hanson obtained vertical and horizontal data, and the team provided GPS surveys using GPS equipment capable of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) data acquisition.

The Hanson team also designed a Web-accessible geo-database for the GIS component, storing each structure’s coordinate and inventory data.  Using information technology (IT) resources, team members were able to collect, store and access project information via mobile and web applications.

Another important component of the GIS was data integration, combining existing data into GIS system, including both legacy data and third party consultant data.

Upon completion of the project, Hanson also made note of any special conditions that would immediately impede the operation of the sewer system, such as a system that is full of debris, missing lid, etc.