Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) recreation centers Cx

Project Summary

Hanson was chosen to commission the mechanical heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, as well as select electrical and plumbing systems associated with two new recreation centers — Eastway Regional and Northern Regional, both under construction in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina.

The approximately 97,269-square-foot Eastway Regional Recreation Center comprises several two-story, large-volume spaces for basketball courts, a multipurpose room, a swimming pool and recreation areas. Other building elements include an elevated running track, cardio and weight rooms on elevated floors, offices and lounges. The Northern Regional Recreation Center, at approximately 85,000 square feet, will feature the same amenities.

Both facilities will incorporate chilled water and heating hot water primary systems, served by air-cooled chillers and gas-fired condensing boilers, respectively. The buildings’ terminal distribution systems will include indoor modular air-handling units and packaged dehumidification units for the pool areas. Individual zones will be served by shut-off and fan-powered variable air volume terminal boxes. Hanson is also commissioning the facilities’ emergency generator systems, lighting controls and domestic hot water systems.