Leesburg International Airport consulting and planning services

Project Summary

Hanson has provided general consulting and planning services to the city of Leesburg since 2005. Project highlights include:

  • Taxiway A realignment — Provided design and construction-phase services for the construction of Taxiway A’s realignment to conform to Federal Aviation Administration design standards.

  • Airfield lighting design-build — Developed technical criteria for design-build services for the rehabilitation of airfield lighting for the airport’s runway and two taxiways.

  • Airport layout plan update and narrative report — Updated the airport layout plan with completed projects to facilitate the advancement of future projects and assisted with grant programming.

  • Runway 13 extension — Hanson designed and administered the construction-phase services for both the 1,000-foot extension to the southeast and the 300-foot extension to the northwest.

  • Airfield signage — Removed taxi guidance signs, replaced taxi guidance sign panels, installed new taxi guidance signs on the airport’s runways and taxiways with the associated cabling, duct work and vault work and removed and replaced runway end identifier lights.

  • Wildlife hazard assessment — Identified wildlife species and observed their numbers, locations, local movements and daily and seasonal occurrences; identified and located features on and near the airport that attract wildlife; described wildlife hazards to aircraft operations and recommended actions for reducing those hazards.