Indianapolis International Airport Taxiway B rehabilitation

Project Summary

The Indianapolis Airport Authority selected Hanson to provide engineering services for the rehabilitation of Taxiway B at the Indianapolis International Airport. Hanson conducted a pavement evaluation to study the cause of premature distress and failure exhibited in the pavements. The study consisted of the following:

  • Reviewing the original pavement design,
  • Conducting field reconnaissance to evaluate types, severity and locations of cracks,
  • Collecting pavement core samples and soil borings,
  • Reviewing construction records and test reports and
  • Researching climatological data and historical traffic mix records and operations for the airport.

Hanson provided the Indianapolis Airport Authority with a pavement evaluation report that included recommendations for the rehabilitation and opinions of probable costs for several construction-phase approaches.

Hanson's scope included providing design services and preparing construction documents to repair areas of the pavement that could cause potential damage to aircraft. By addressing the immediate pavement repairs, the airport authority could determine how to proceed with the complete rehabilitation of Taxiway B and review funding options.

As part of the next phase of the project, Hanson is designing and preparing construction documents for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the mainline pavement of Taxiway B.