F-16 Engine Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility (CIRF) architecture and engineering

Project Summary

As part of an indefinite delivery contract with the Illinois Air National Guard (ILANG), Hanson – serving as the prime architecture and engineering firm for the contract – provided Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) upgrades for the F-16 Engine Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility (CIRF) at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield, Illinois. 

Hanson’s team provided renovation design services for the existing F-16 maintenance hangar facility. The upgrade consisted of converting the building into a functional engine repair facility at the 183rd Fighter Wing/Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in accordance with a 2005 Defense BRAC Final Report Recommendation. The project required Type A, B and C services, including A/E design services and cost estimating.  The team designed the facility to accommodate overhauling 10 engines a month in a 26,000-square-foot former high-bay hangar/repair space.

Additional upgrades to the first floor included latrines, a break room, locker room expansion, and bearing and parts cleaning rooms. Upgrades to the second floor included a new conference room, women's locker room expansion, a new telecommunication room/closet, new office spaces, corridor modification, elevator addition and an office for field representatives.  The total square footage of renovated space was approximately 45,000 square feet.

Incidental upgrades included adding radiant heat, ventilation and lighting system improvements, adding full wet-pipe fire suppression to the entire facility and coordinating miscellaneous repairs.