Engineering services for international broadcasting stations

Project Summary

With a long history of working with the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), Hanson provided worldwide services through a multi-year contract on a task order basis.  

Our team offers services in support of IBB projects such as facilities engineering, project management, scheduling, reporting, budgeting, testing and commissioning. 

We work with major international companies and participate as a key team member in systems integration, installation and construction of broadcast stations for acceptance by the U.S. government.  This includes numerous projects for the Voice of America — a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government that provides thousands of hours of news, educational and cultural programming for audiences worldwide.

Hanson has completed approximately 50 projects for the IBB, including:

  • High Power Medium Wave Transmitter Stations, Philippines and Thailand. Hanson provided design and construction support for the installation of the world’s first 600-kilowatt and 1-megawatt solid-state medium-wave transmitters installed in the Philippines and Thailand.  We also provided design services for the relocation of the medium-wave transmitter station in the northern Philippines.  Other projects include major electrical and mechanical renovations at the Tinang, Philippines, Station.
  • Site survey for F.M. radio and T.V. coverage, Serbia. Hanson performed site surveys and provided structural and foundation analysis for various alternate sites in Kosovo.
  • Improvements to the Bangkok, Thailand, Transmitting Station & improvements to Cyprus facility. Hanson conducted a boundary survey and geotechnical/archaeological site survey at the Cape Greco Transmitting Site in Cyprus. Hanson determined the necessary facilities and site improvements to support the installation of a 600-kilowatt, medium-wave transmitter at the site. Additionally, our team performed an environmental study at IBB’s leased facilities in Cape Greco, evaluating the possible consequences of the project to the environment and public health.
  • São Tomé, Tinian and Bangkok Transmitting Stations.  Hanson provided engineering review services of electrical design and operational issues at IBB’s São Tomé and Tinian transmitting stations. Hanson provided architectural and engineering design services for the replacement of the medium-voltage switchgear and electrical system improvements, including the reconfiguration of the low-voltage distribution system.  Additionally, Hanson assisted in developing a design package for installation of a new air-conditioning system in the transmitter hall. Services included drawings of recommended improvements, specifications, cost estimates and construction schedule.
  • São Tomé Offshore Mooring Facilities. In São Tomé, Hanson provided underwater investigation and design of new offshore mooring facilities for tanker re-supply of the station’s bulk fuel storage.  (Hanson also designed the bulk fuel storage.)
  • IBB Headquarters Technical Operations Center (TOC), Washington, D.C.   Hanson performed an on-site investigation and analysis of the technical operations center and provided design modification for mechanical and electrical support systems.  Additional services included construction phase support and commissioning.  The TOC distributes programming for IBB worldwide broadcasting. 
  • Djibouti Transmitter Station.  Hanson provided design and construction administration services for a new 2-megawatt emergency power generation system for the station.  The project included package generator system, bulk fuel oil storage, transfer switch and electrical modifications.  (Hanson also designed the initial station in Djibouti under separate subcontract with the transmitter supplier.)
  • Worldwide Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance and Re-commissioning.  In support of IBB’s worldwide inventory of broadcast stations, Hanson developed test procedures, specifications and maintenance plans for HV and MV electrical systems.  The program allowed for re-commissioning of various electrical systems for operational efficiency, safety and cost savings.