City of Rockford (Illinois) Multilane Roundabout study

Project Summary

The city of Rockford selected Hanson to provide preliminary engineering studies to reconfigure the North Main and Auburn streets intersection – a critical part of the business district serving more than 34,000 vehicles daily. As an integral part of the strategic revitalization plan for the existing multilane intersection, Hanson evaluated the proposed plan for a dual-lane roundabout to serve as a focal point for redevelopment.   

Hanson provided a Phase I engineering study for the improvement of the North Main (IL-2) and Auburn streets intersection and adjacent intersections.  The study included evaluating safety and operational factors for the existing intersection conditions as well as producing five traditional intersection alternatives and a dual-lane roundabout alternative. 

The project included the following major elements:

  • conducting field surveys (including property research for parcels affected by each alternative as well as location identification of storm sewer inlets, fences, edges of pavement, and top of curb elevations),
  • working with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to derive an appropriate method of analysis and approval for this first-of-its-kind project,
  • analyzing traffic studies for the existing intersection and alternatives, which included "no- build" conditions, a roundabout, lane additions, and alternative routing,
  • providing preliminary engineering (including modifying  alignments, profiles and cross section elements as well as staging a construction plan), and
  • completing the IDOT Project Report.

Recognizing that a new roundabout concept can be a challenging issue for a community, the Hanson team conducted public involvement activities to seek input and discuss alternatives.  The public outreach included public information meetings, presentations to individual stakeholder groups, and meetings with affected agencies and business owners in the study area. 

After completion of the alternatives analysis, the public involvement process, and evaluation by the city and IDOT, the roundabout was identified as the preferred alternative.  Hanson then provided an intersection design study (IDS) for the roundabout and adjacent intersections and completed the environmental documentation and a formal project report.  The team also prepared estimates of probable construction cost for the recommended alternative to establish cost based upon major items of work.

Throughout the project, the Hanson team worked closely with the city of Rockford’s staff and departments, IDOT, and numerous other stakeholder groups.  The result was an approved project report, completed within the original budget.  Subsequently, the project has received funding approval, and it is anticipated to go to construction in 2011.