City of New York emergency radio communications system

Project Summary

As part of the New York City Fire Department’s radio communication recommendations after Sept. 11, 2001, Hanson completed services to develop land mobile radio sites for the city of New York Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) Emergency Radio Communications System. 

Hanson designed 16 of the 32 sites for the Channel 16 project — implemented by Motorola — for DoITT’s critical radio communications for emergency services and first responders. 

Our team designed the infrastructure needed to support the space renovation and installation of power, air conditioning, fire protection and structural support. 

The sites use antennas mounted on the rooftops, towers or monopole. The Hanson team used three types of installations in the project, including:

  • pre-fabricated radio equipment shelters mounted on existing roofs,
  • shelters mounted on the ground with transmission lines routed to the roof or a tower, and
  • leased spaces inside existing buildings, which were upgraded to conform to the equipment manufacturer’s standards and city codes. 

Additionally, some site designs include backup power using standby generators. 

Hanson provided program management, design, construction services, zoning and permitting support.

Additionally, Hanson assisted Motorola with cable management and other services for various radio sites for the 800-MHz Emergency Radio Network.  The 800-MHz sites transmit and receive critical radio communications for life safety radio communications.