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Build a better community with new infrastructure law

What would you do if your community came into extra money — gloriously unearmarked, full of promise for improvements, enhancements and growth?

$550 billion in funding available

Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was signed in November 2021, more than 350 programs run by a variety of federal departments and agencies have access to $550 billion in funding. The law is giving communities an opportunity to renew their assets and enhance their citizens’ livelihoods with a historic investment in various modes of transportation; climate, energy and the environment; broadband; and many government programs.

Hanson can help you cash in and invest wisely

an image of the building a better america guidebookLed by the Building a Better America guidebook and backed by extensive federal infrastructure funding program experience, Hanson is ready to help you navigate your funding potential and formulate a plan for making it count in your community. Communities nationwide are competing for a share of these funds, and we are here to help you secure yours by working with you to boil down the law’s complexities to the steps necessary to obtain the funds for your community’s needs. By moving quickly and efficiently, we can identify the amount of funding to which your community is entitled. 

The money will be directed to rural and urban areas through programs that fund infrastructure. The law is extensive and a tremendous opportunity. The funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programs alone will comprise $50 billion nationwide. For these programs, the money is targeted to uses that every water utility will need to address, such as lead service line inventory and replacement, resiliency and aid for disadvantaged areas.

What comes next? We will help you pinpoint the best way to use the money to benefit your community. Our team is equipped with multiple resources to guide you. Using asset management software and our expertise, we can assist with inventory, as well as managing, tracking, prioritizing and reporting your progress. We can also partner with you for projects involving planning, design, construction administration, environmental compliance, permitting and financing for infrastructure and help you with drought contingency and water conservation plans, as well as certificates of convenience and necessity.

Benefits for rural Texas water utilities

an image of mark hall
Mark Hall

For Texas’ rural water utilities, we combine our knowledge of the infrastructure law with our understanding of the challenges rural communities face as they navigate numerous regulations, short schedules and tight budgets. We can help you strategize the most cost-effective ways to use your share of the funding and achieve your goals.

To learn more about how Hanson can help you obtain and plan for the best use of your Bipartisan Infrastructure Law dollars, contact Mark Hall at

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