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‘Facing the HVAC Triple Threat’ webinar available

Hanson’s Wade Conlan shares tips on how to mitigate the spread of viruses indoors

With winter weather approaching, cold and flu season arriving and SARS-CoV-2 continuing to infect tens of thousands of Americans each day, many of us are concerned about how to reduce the transmission of viruses indoors … in places such as hospitals, workplaces, schools, restaurants and churches. These concerns are paramount for building owners and managers who are tasked with protecting their facilities and occupants and mitigating the spread of viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

In a free webinar, “Facing the HVAC Triple Threat: COVID-19, Flu and Cold Weather,” Hanson’s Wade Conlan, P.E., CxA, BCxP, LEED AP® BD+C, explains how facility owners and managers can prepare for increased occupancy and indoor air in buildings during the fall and winter.

Tim Schroeder
Facilities business development principal and business development manager
Wade Conlan, P.E., CxA, BCxP, LEED AP® BD+C
Commissioning and energy discipline manager

Wade shares his knowledge, research and work as a commissioning and energy discipline manager at Hanson and as a member and director-at-large of ASHRAE, including his involvement with its Epidemic Task Force and Building Readiness Team. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Wade has been featured in several articles, podcasts and video interviews.

This webinar, which is moderated by Tim Schroeder, Hanson’s facilities business development principal and business development manager, is available to watch at the top of this post.

To learn more about how Hanson can help you with your buildings and facilities needs, contact Tim Schroeder at

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