The Hanson employee experience

The best way to find out what it’s like to work at Hanson is to go directly to our employees, so we asked some of them to share their experiences with you.

“I came to Hanson after starting my career at a small consulting firm.  The engineering principles are the same but the projects are much larger and challenge you on a daily basis.  My work at Hanson is best described by a quote from a friend of mine who was visiting the office.  He was looking at the project boards on the wall and stated, “These are the projects that people think about when you talk to them about engineering.”

Lee, civil engineer

“Working at Hanson is great. The projects are interesting and challenging, but the people are what make it an excellent place to work. Everyone is a team player and committed to providing quality work to our clients while keeping the office fun. It’s a really easy place to come work every day.”

Becca, engineer intern

photo of a Hanson employee participating in an outdoor game as part of a charity fundraising campaign“I joined Hanson in 1983, and I was only 20 years old at the time. I started as a surveyor and traveled throughout the Midwest, but I wanted to travel less and do something different. Several Hanson employees and my supervisor encouraged me to go back to school, and through Hanson’s tuition reimbursement program, the firm helped me become an engineering technician. I’ve always appreciated the support I receive here.”

– Jimmie, engineering technician

“Working at Hanson is such a different atmosphere than what I’ve experienced at other places – people truly support each other and care about our projects, working together to accomplish great things. I am proud to be a part of the Hanson team, and I wish everyone could experience working for such a great company!”

– Lisa, land acquisition specialist

“I can honestly say I never imagined that I’d be working at such a great place today. Every day I am genuinely grateful and excited to work for an employee-owned company that takes care of its employees and recognizes us for our contributions to the workplace.” 

– Todd, graphic designer

Hanson’s rankings on the annual “Best Places to Work in Illinois,” “Best Companies to Work for in Florida” and Zweig Group Best Firms to Work For” lists are further evidence of our dedication to maintaining a happy, motivated, long-term staff.


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