Hanson forms partnership with Infrastructure Solutions, developer of acclaimed asset management and capital planning software

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March 24, 2021

Contact: Erin Calcari, Business Development Specialist
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Hanson forms partnership with Infrastructure Solutions, developer of acclaimed asset management and capital planning software

Hanson Professional Services Inc. has entered into a partnership with Infrastructure Solutions (Software) Inc. (ISI) to deliver DOT™ (Decision Optimization Technology), a robust government asset management and capital planning software application. This U.S.-based partnership, called Decision Optimization Technology–United States (DOT–US), will work directly with clients to meet their infrastructure capital planning needs and provide on-site consulting to expedite client success. The partnership becomes effective March 31.

“With this partnership, we can help our clients with a data-driven approach so they can make the best possible infrastructure financial and socio-economic decisions. Our initial focus will be to serve municipal, county and state agencies that maintain and manage roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems and facilities,” said Sergio “Satch” Pecori, P.E., Hanson’s chairman and CEO.

In discussing the new partnership, ISI’s president, Neil Roberts, said, “The big challenge in building strong partnerships is to find companies that are philosophically aligned. We are a great fit with Hanson, because we share a common objective to be a trusted partner to our clients, are fully committed to client success and capable of managing technically complex projects.”

The DOT™ software intuitively manages the complexity of building strategic asset management plans. Its analytical processes apply deep engineering research and 10 years of doctorate-level research and development focused on using optimization algorithms to create multiyear, multi-constraint analyses. DOT™ can simultaneously incorporate fluctuating annual budgets, shifting strategic priorities, socio-economic expectations, risk and safety considerations, cross-departmental initiatives and political objectives to help its users build plans that are defensible and fully implementable.

ISI’s lead office is located at 6925 Century Ave. 100, Mississauga, ON L5N 7K2, Canada, and can be reached by phone at (289) 334-0849 or through http://www.infrasolglobal.com.

Hanson is a national, employee-owned consulting firm providing engineering, planning and allied services. The firm’s corporate headquarters is located at 1525 S. Sixth St., Springfield, IL 62703. The office may be reached by phone at (217) 788-2450.


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