Hanson renames corporate market sectors


Dec. 7, 2012

Contact: Amy Kay, Public Relations Coordinator
Hanson Professional Services Inc.
(217) 747-9283

Hanson Professional Services Inc. renames corporate market sectors

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Hanson Professional Services Inc. recently renamed three of its internal, corporate market sectors to focus on external market-driven changes in the consulting industry and to improve its terminology to identify with clients and prospective clients better.  Each corporate market represents a specialized area of service for clients.  Hanson’s department of defense market now is called the federal services market; the energy and industry market now is the power and industry market; and the government market now is the government and energy market.  The remaining four markets are unchanged:  aviation, infrastructure, railway and telecommunications.     

Hanson is an award-winning, employee-owned consulting firm providing engineering, architecture, planning and allied services from 22 offices nationwide. The firm’s corporate headquarters is located at 1525 S. Sixth St., Springfield, IL  62703.  The office may be reached by phone: (217) 788-2450 or fax: (217) 788-2503.


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