Accelerated bridge construction

We realize that reconstructing or rehabilitating a bridge can result in significant schedule disruptions and other costly delays for our highway and railway clients. When you need a bridge returned to service in a short time frame, we bring our background of solid design, comprehensive construction oversight and safety considerations as we move quickly and efficiently to complete your project. 

Our innovative approach to fast-track bridge design and construction lies in accelerated bridge construction methods. To minimize highway and rail traffic interruptions, we collaborate with the project team and all necessary parties to facilitate structure installations in short construction windows. 

Reconstruction takes place for washed-out bridge over river.
Hanson provided accelerated bridge construction services after Norfolk Southern Railway Co. experienced a failure at its 103-year-old bridge over the Grand River near Brunswick, Missouri.

On the railway side, we can complete truss and span installations within hours, constructing most of the foundation elements within and around the existing bridge without stopping the flow of trains. We arrange for superstructure elements to be fabricated, shipped to the site and preerected adjacent to the bridge. Often, we can also partially install the track on the spans to save time during track outages. 

On the highway side, we can arrange for superstructure elements to be prefabricated, allowing for quick installation. We have also used ultra-high-performance concrete to reduce the prefabricated element connection size and speed up construction while providing a connection with increased durability, which reduces our clients’ long-term maintenance needs. We commit our full effort to returning your bridge and schedule to normal operation.

Hanson works side by side with you to protect your bottom line and provide a structure in which you can place your confidence for the future. We’re your trusted partner.

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