Amherst Consulting joins Hanson aviation market

Hanson has completed the acquisition of Amherst Consulting Co. LLC, a full-service engineering consulting firm in Maitland, Florida. Amherst specializes in aviation planning, programming, design and construction services. “By adding Amherst, we can expand our design, construction-phase services and innovative project delivery capabilities for aviation clients in and beyond Florida,” Continue Reading Continue Reading

Resiliency trends in airport planning

Resilience is key for airports and the aviation industry. On Jan. 24, 2021, Forbes published an article stating, “researchers found that nearly 270 airports around the world are currently in danger of coastal flooding due to rising sea levels.” The author refers to the journal article, “Global Analysis of Sea Level Rise Continue Reading Continue Reading

It’s an airport, not a zoo: Managing excess wildlife

When animals and aircraft occupy the same airspace at the same time, accidents happen. Birds are the animal most commonly involved in animal-aircraft collisions, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website’s section about wildlife management, accounting for approximately 97% of wildlife strikes annually. Mammals and reptiles (particularly white-tailed deer, Continue Reading Continue Reading

Engel finds career focus with Hanson’s aviation team

Our careers can often divert from the dreams of our youth, and I’m no exception. Studying civil engineering as an undergraduate at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, I had no idea where my degree would take me or that the aviation industry held potential for me. I knew I excelled Continue Reading Continue Reading

LEDs a small change that can deliver big reduction in energy use, costs

Beginning in 2012, Macomb Municipal Airport in Macomb, Illinois, started down a path to reduce its energy consumption and the related costs — it began an initiative to transition the airport from incandescent lighting to LEDs. The first project focused on the airfield. The electrical vault and associated equipment, the Continue Reading Continue Reading

Hanson’s Menger receives FDOT, FAC awards

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Aviation Office has recognized Eric Menger, a business development manager at Hanson, with a 2020 Distinguished Aviation Service Award for his 24-year aviation career while serving as the director of Vero Beach Regional Airport in Vero Beach, Florida. The Florida Airports Council (FAC) also recognized Continue Reading Continue Reading

Drone use at airports: stay legal, stay safe

You see them flying at many events, and they are used by hobbyists for aerial videos or photos, by emergency responders to assess damage and by engineering firms to conduct surveys and aerial mapping. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or drones) have grown in their versatility, and their convenience has increased Continue Reading Continue Reading

New corporate hangar gives fresh face to Indy South Greenwood Airport

Situated 14 miles south of Indianapolis, Indy South Greenwood Airport is a general aviation airport in Greenwood, Indiana, that serves its community as well as the surrounding Johnson County and metropolitan Indianapolis area. Its 5,000-foot runway sees regular traffic from corporate aircraft, some of which reside in the airport’s hangar Continue Reading Continue Reading

COVID-19 readiness meets airport HVAC systems

Can you really make your airport terminal building pandemic proof? The short answer to this question is “no!” There are too many variables to uncover and consider, such as the various modes of virus transmission — and the infectious dose of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is still unknown. Continue Reading Continue Reading