Engel finds career focus with Hanson’s aviation team

Portrait of Hannah Engel wearing a black suit jacket and red shirt
Hannah Engel

Our careers can often divert from the dreams of our youth, and I’m no exception. Studying civil engineering as an undergraduate at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, I had no idea where my degree would take me or that the aviation industry held potential for me. I knew I excelled at math and science, but I was unsure where that would take me. During interviews with companies, I was hesitant to answer the question, “What is your focus?” Because I felt I did not have a bounty of experience in a specific area, I replied that I was open to whatever opportunities were available.

I knew I wanted an internship with Hanson, because it is headquartered in my hometown, has a top-notch internship program that offers a scholarship opportunity and has a hands-on philosophy that resonates with me because my father is a plumber. He is my role model, as he embodies hard work and dedication.

Interning with the aviation team during summer and winter breaks from Bradley was a fantastic experience. I trained under many aviation professionals, learning about AutoCAD and the environmental permitting, bidding and construction processes. I informed all my colleagues at Bradley about my great experience, and now four of them have positions at Hanson in other offices. As a full-time employee, I still learn every day from technical and adaptive challenges — that is what makes my days interesting.

At Hanson, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to play significant roles in projects — from the beginning to the end of design and construction. By incorporating constructability into design, I am proud to learn from other disciplines and field experiences. My role is to increase my technical sharpness while building relationships with contractors, government agencies, clients and coworkers — opening doors to a variety of excellent career opportunities in the aviation industry. I am excited to further develop my professional and leadership skills at Hanson and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.