Waste Management

Offering both hazardous and non-hazardous waste services, Hanson can help you with your waste-management needs. We’ve helped clients manage a variety of waste issues, including wastewater, coal combustion byproduct (CCB), coal ash, gypsum, scrubber sludge and low-level radioactive waste.

Our services include:

  • Site characterization
  • Sampling & analysis plans
  • Environmental compliance analyses
  • Groundwater flow & contaminant transport analyses
  • Groundwater quality evaluations
  • Siting & permitting
  • Environmental studies & remediation
  • Confirmation studies
  • Hazard evaluations
  • Program management
  • Design, including facility & waste management programs
  • Plans & specifications
  • Closure plans
  • Reclamation

Our waste management capabilities include hands-on support for:

  • Power industry
    • Solid waste disposal facilities (CCB)
    • FGD sludge (gypsum) wet stack facilities