Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) is your facility’s intersection with data analytics, real-world engineering expertise and systems optimization. MBCx gives perspective on how a building is truly operating, versus how it is expected to operate, by allowing building owners to comprehensively evaluate their building and identify how one system’s operational issues may be caused by the inefficient operations of supporting systems.

Hanson uses the analytics software SkySpark to evaluate live data from a building’s management systems.

SkySpark also can be used to evaluate trend data from existing HVAC systems that are not providing continuous data. This allows Hanson to evaluate potential issues with systems on all commissioning projects.

Hanson’s team can help you navigate the use of MBCx as your buildings become more automated, and we can show you how to sustain your energy savings via optimization. With our system-agnostic software, along with years of design and field experience, we target your building’s problem areas, allowing facility staff to be proactive instead of reactive.