Geothermal Technology

Hanson is an industry leader in geothermal heat pump applications. We pride ourselves on optimizing geothermal heat pump systems to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Geothermal heat pumps use the earth as a heat source and sink to store and extract renewable energy for HVAC systems. When properly designed, they provide more efficient cooling and heating than other options and can eliminate the need for on-site fossil fuel use. Because there are many ways to apply the technology, the systems can be scaled from small buildings to entire campuses.

To deliver geothermal heat pump systems that are efficient and cost-effective, our HVAC engineers are trained in energy modeling, geology, ground conductivity and drilling techniques. We can consult with our in-house geologists and hydrologists as needed for difficult or unique situations.

Our staff holds Certified GeoExchange Designer credentials from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and the Association of Energy Engineers. Click here to learn more about one of Hanson's projects involving geothermal heat pumps.