Existing Building Commissioning

Hanson provides existing building commissioning (EBCx) that includes recommissioning and retro-commissioning (RetroCx) services for existing facilities. This process can fine-tune your facility to improve operational efficiencies. With a focus on low-cost and no-cost facility improvement measures (FIMs), this process can build on an audit or facility condition assessments.

Recommissioning buildings is part of the ongoing commissioning process for a facility that was commissioned when it was built. It can be done using the existing functional performance tests and other commissioning documentation, or by using the facets of monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx), to identify and correct control-related problems that cannot be easily discovered during a traditional energy audit.

The RCx approach is designed to evaluate and make the most of systems that were not commissioned when the facility was built. Hanson’s approach is to identify a complete list of FIMs that were evaluated, ranging from no- or low-cost measures, capital expenditure projects and those that are not feasible today but could be as the technology improves. We can also provide these services under a utility company’s RCx incentive program, when available.  

Hanson’s existing building commissioning services can include:

  • utility and water bill analysis
  • review of as-built drawings
  • interviews with operations and maintenance staff
  • functional performance testing
  • identification of control modifications
  • identification of facility upgrades
  • cost-benefit/payback analysis
  • energy modeling
  • post-implementation verification of savings (proof of concept)
  • development of an ongoing commissioning plan
  • development of an MBCx plan