Siemens Q3 Data Center Liebert replacement study and design

Project Summary

Siemens realized a need to evaluate the feasibility of replacing the Liebert cooling system in its Orlando, Florida, Quad III data center.

The facility’s first-floor data center is served by three 20-ton Liebert units that were installed when the building was constructed in 2002. Siemens added an uninterruptible power supply and other equipment during an expansion that comprised a 25% increase in square footage, but the data center’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system was not modified.

The building’s outdoor condenser units also needed replacing, so Siemens chose Hanson to evaluate replacing the entire Liebert system, including indoor and outdoor units, to support future growth in IT loads within the data center.

Considering the forecast for IT loading, Hanson performed a study to address replacing the Lieber units and adding more units. Hanson then produced mechanical and electrical construction documents based on recommendations from the study, assisted during the bidding process and provided construction administration services.