Seminole County Public Schools facility condition assessments and retro-Cx

Project Summary

Hanson provided facility condition assessments and retro-commissioning for Seminole County Public Schools’ Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, Florida, and Partin Elementary School in Oviedo, Florida.

The Lake Howell High School facility condition assessment encompassed a visual survey of the mechanical equipment for the existing facility and evaluating the equipment characteristics. The equipment assessed included two cooling towers, two water-cooled chillers, two air-cooled chillers, 10 hydronic pumps, 17 air-handling units and 10 fan coil units. Hanson’s retro-commissioning services included heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and related temperature controls. The HVAC systems at this facility also included the central energy plant, 20 terminal boxes, a kitchen supply and exhaust fan unit and a building automation system.

The facility condition assessment at Partin Elementary consisted of visual surveys of a cooling tower, five water source heat pumps, four hydronic pumps and two boilers. Hanson also performed retro-commissioning of the facility’s HVAC systems, including 47 water source heat pumps, a two-cell closed-circuit cooler, two hot-water boilers, two condenser primary loop pumps, two heating water pumps, a circulation pump, four supply fans for outside air, 19 exhaust fans, a kitchen supply and exhaust fan unit and a building automation system.